The Benefits of Using a Cervical Denneroll

Tackling Peripheral Neuropathy

Do you or anyone you know suffer from chronic neck pain or symptoms associated with the neck? If you have ever had an x-ray, take a look at it and see how the curvature of their neck looks. Everyone should be receiving chiropractic care to remove any nerve interference, but many individuals may need a little more support in getting the original curvature back into the spine. In this week’s blog, we are going to discuss what a cervical denneroll is and the benefits of using a cervical denneroll.

The cervical denneroll is a neck pillow used for patients with a reduced or no curvature in the cervical and upper thoracic spine and helps bring back the proper curvature back into the spine. The denneroll is used by having the patient lay on their back and have it placed either on the upper, middle or lower neck, depending on where the curvature needs improved. The patient will steadily increase how long to spend on the denneroll. They may start out at 3 minutes and eventually work their way up to 20 minutes. As we all know, changes in the curvature of the spine result in pain, inflammation, decreased range of motion, degeneration to the spine and even headaches. With the cervical denneroll, a marked improvement in the symptoms previously noted will reduce as well as better posture.

Wilkins Spinal Care’s Experience…

Over the years, Wilkins Spinal Care has provided denneroll’s to many patients and all have had great success, but there is one experience we will share today. A few years back, Dr. Wilkins was treating a middle-aged male about 2-3 times a week with chronic neck pain. The patient would come in, get his neck adjusted and would come back again the next visit with the same issue.

For five years, this patient would come in routinely for his neck. The neck adjustments provided relieved pain and he would feel good for a few days, but it never stayed put. In that five-year time frame, Dr. Wilkins tried everything to get this patient to buy a denneroll, but he continuously refused. Finally, the patient caved in and got a denneroll and Dr. Wilkins stated, “Try this for a week and let me know how it works.” A week went by and the patient returned to Dr. Wilkins stating, “I wish I would have bought this five years ago when you told me too. I have NO neck pain at all!”

A cervical support pillow is all it took to help this patient in time of need. The products we sell at our office are tested, researched and are approved so that patients get the best quality care possible. The patient in this story continues care at the office, but not for his neck. His neck hasn’t been adjusted for a number of years due to the denneroll.

In Conclusion…

The curvature of the spine is extremely important and vital to assure no underlying symptoms in relation to pain occur. It is okay for a little support. The cervical denneroll will only help the curvature of the spine. If you have any questions about the cervical denneroll that we offer here at the office, please feel free to reach out to us at (724) 547-3377. For more information, check out our website at