As another year comes to an end, people start thinking about what they can do to better themselves for the upcoming year. Common new year’s resolutions include weight loss, quitting tobacco products, spending more time with family, saving more money, learning a new hobby, etc. Did you know that most people give up on their new year’s resolution within the first 2-3 months? In this week’s blog, rather than educate, we are going to encourage a positive end to the 2023 year. This week’s blog will be short and sweet so that everyone can focus on the new year.  

Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

Whether your new year’s resolution is small or large, stay true to your commitment. Realize that no matter what your new year’s resolution is, you are impacting yourself, and/or others’ lives. Those who stick to their new year’s resolutions don’t regret their decision and look back on what they have achieved within the last year.

How Can We Help?

The Wilkins Spinal Care team has our own new year’s resolutions. One new year’s resolution is to help as many people as we can. Our goal is not only improving patients’ quality of life and restoring the nervous system, but also educating patients on chiropractic and the importance of routine care.

In order to achieve our new year’s resolution, we are offering a new patient 50% off special to start off the new year. 

As the holiday season approaches, we would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season. We will be open during normal business hours this week for current and new patients. Give us a call at (724) 547-3377 to make your appointment before the holiday starts.

Happy Holidays!

Larry E. Wilkins, DC

Brian M. Steinert, DC