Pittsburgh Cervical Denneroll

Pittsburgh Cervical Denneroll

At Wilkins Spinal Care, we keep up on the best available research and products to better serve our patients. A few years back, we introduced the cervical denneroll designed by the infamous Chiropractic Biophysics Institute. Today’s technological advancements such as cell phones, tablets and computers, have changed the intended structure of the spine due to the “slumped position.” This will often lead to a straightening or complete reversal of the normal cervical curve.

Over the years, we have seen significant patient improvements for neck pain, spine curvature, and severe chronic headaches. the cervical denneroll Orthotic is a safe and effective way to naturally restore the cervical curve. Here at Wilkins Spinal Care we utilize these as part of our treatment plans and also as a form of home care. Don’t hesitate to ask our doctors if the cervical denneroll Orthotic could be right for you!

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