Connellsville Chiropractic Care

Connellsville Chiropractic Care

At Wilkins Spinal Care, we specialize in a specific Chiropractic technique known as the Pierce Results System (PRS). PRS was founded and developed by Dr. Vernon Pierce of Dravosburg, PA in the late 1950s. PRS requires a chiropractic drop table, and a set of chiropractic hands. There are no twisting or turning motions, and there are no cracking popping sounds. PRS is deemed safe and very effective!

Just like any other chiropractic technique, Pierce Results System has the same purpose: Restore vitality to the human body. The adjustment is a manual technique done by hand (and sometimes with an instrument) that restores communication between the brain and a body part/organ by realigning the dysfunctional joint and removing pressure from the affected nerve. Detecting the misaligned vertebrae is done by conducting a thorough exam that includes neuro, muscular, and skeletal evaluations as well as x-rays to ensure specificity. At Wilkins Spinal Care, we spend sufficient time to detect the specific levels to be adjusted because we will not guess with your health!

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