David S

I could not stand, straighten up or walk more than two feet without severe pain. I could not bend over and touch my toes. I had been this way for approximately one year and, then it got really bad. My activities were very limited. I would take Tylenol but really didn’t get any relief.

I saw Dr. Wilkins on television and heard about him on the Froggy radio station, so I called for an appointment. I just didn’t know what else to do! I qualified for the decompression program and got started. The second session, I started feeling some relief from the pain. Now, I am 98% improved and have completed my program. Dr. Wilkins and his staff have been fantastic!

I would recommend this program to anyone that has back and leg pain!

Actually, my niece that is 28-years old and living in California had surgery on her back and is no better. Dr. Wilkins was able to get me the name of a doctor in her town utilizing the same treatment, and she is starting next week; the same treatment that I just completed. I feel certain that she will get the same results that I did!”