Joyce D.

When I fist came to LMCC to consult about the spinal decompression therapy, I was very skeptical. Even after a few sessions, I wondered what I had gotten into because it was a little up-and-down at first. After about the eighth pull, I started to feel improvement each time. It was then I started to “think positive” (as Dr. Wilkins says) about the treatment and I knew that I had made the right decision.

It has been four months now, and I am 95% improved. Before, it was totally debilitating. It was painful to sit and ride in a car. I had to have help putting my socks on, could not enjoy my grandkids, had to take time off work and could not do my daily walks. I know have my life back; I am able to do all the above and I am walking between two and four miles every day. The whole experience for me has been a pleasant one. Dr. Wilkins and the staff at Wilkins Spinal Care truly care and go above and beyond to help!