Marjorie G.

I was prompted to seek care when I was walking and hit a rise in the cement and fell on my upper arm and side, but I didn’t start hurting until a week after the fall. A family member told me of the wonderful care he receives at Wilkins Spinal Care and that is when I decided to give the office a call.

I began care in September 2018 and started seeing results by my 3rd visit with Dr. Stay! I was feeling so much better until the winter months came and some bad weather caused me to slip on some ice and this brought on some lower back pain. Dr. Stay was genuine and very concerned for me but was confident that he could help get me back on track to feeling good again just like he had done before.

What pleased me the most about my treatment at Wilkins Spinal Care is the personal care I received from Dr. Stay. I loved that he was very kind and considerate in all he did and the care he had given me was above and beyond duty. I feel so much better since I started care here and would definitely recommend Wilkins Spinal Care to family and friends.