Using the McKenzie Method to Treat Patients

Tackling Peripheral Neuropathy

There are over 200 different techniques in the chiropractic profession that have a different approach, but all have the same outcome. Some chiropractors use 1 specific technique, where others use multiple different techniques. It all depends on patient preference and which technique aids them best. In this week’s blog we will discuss a technique called the McKenzie Method to treat patients that Dr. Steinert uses on a lot of patients in the office.

What is the McKenzie Method?

The McKenzie Method was developed by Robin McKenzie back in the 1950s and has been used throughout healthcare providers such as physical therapists, athletic trainers and chiropractors. The McKenzie Method is a reliable assessment process intended for all musculoskeletal problems, including pain in the back, neck and extremities (i.e., shoulder, knee, ankle etc.), as well as issues associated with sciatica, sacroiliac joint pain, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, muscle spasms and intermittent numbness in hands or feet.

Here is how it works! Dr. McKenzie found that 85-90% of individuals needed to be put in extension. After doing active repetitions of press up extensions to the low back, Dr. McKenzie found that the majority of patients felt immediate relief of pain and saw a reduction of radicular symptoms down the legs. When he saw such great results to the low back, he started a protocol for the neck and extremities which have shown great success over the years as well!

How Do We Use the McKenzie Method at Wilkins Spinal Care?

The biggest key to remember is that the McKenzie Method is an active technique. The patient is doing most of the work. The doctor is there to apply resistance. At our office, Dr. Steinert will use McKenzie on a handful of patients that he feels will benefit from the technique, especially if there are symptoms running down into the feet or hands. By using McKenzie, he has helped patients with sciatica, disc pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, etc. If you have any questions about the McKenzie Method to treat patients feel free to give the office a call and Dr. Steinert will be glad to answer any questions.