Our Mount Pleasant Chiropractic Care Team:

Dr. Larry Wilkins


I've been in practice for 44 years, and we have been in the same location for 38 of those 43 years serving the community and out patients with a mixture of care. Our office started out doing only chiropractic cases and 12 years ago we integrated procedures for treating herniated discs, bulging discs, D.D.D., sciatic. The reason was simple I was tired of sending those patients our for other types of treatment and eventually the patients would return and say "it didn't help me Larry what can you do?" That's when I got the idea to do the D.R.S. protocol for these conditions and become a disc specialist.

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Dr. Brian Steinert


Hello! I’m Dr. Steinert and I have been serving the community of Mount Pleasant at Wilkins Spinal Care for two years now. I have been receiving chiropractic care since I was 6 months of age after an in-utero stroke affecting the entire right side of my body. I spent the majority of my childhood and adolescent years either at a physical/occupational therapist’s office or laying on a chiropractic table. I realized at a young age that those teams of doctors were helping me become a stronger individual, and I wanted to do the same for people.