Reid C.

I worked hard all my life working in construction, building homes from the ground up and basically all these things had to do with hard, physical work. About 10 years ago, I started having back pain and pain in my legs. I tried walking exercises and physical therapy. It seemed to help until I didn’t do it, and then the pain all came right back again. I even go to South Carolina three months out of the winter so I can stay more active.

By mid-April 2008, I was desperate for some relief. I went to my medical doctor and asked him to either send me to the Cleveland clinic or give me a needle! The doctor then told me that he heard good results from two of his patients about Dr. Wilkins and the DRS protocol that he does, so maybe I could try that. I made an appointment and got started with the program. After just six visits to his office, the pain in my back and legs were gone! I completed the program and the only thing I have left is stiffness and soreness in my legs, but at the age of 87, I guess I can expect that. Now all that I have to do is to keep walking and exercising to get the strength built back up in my legs. My shortness of breath is much better, and I am able to walk more. I feel so much better mentally and physically!