Somerset Neuropathy

Somerset Neuropathy

Did you know Peripheral Neuropathy also interferes with physical coordination and can trigger bladder, digestive, or bowel problems?

Peripheral neuropathy is damage that occurs to the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord that leaves patients with symptoms such as numbness, tingling, sharp, stabbing, burning pains, and muscle weakness. Neuropathy can also affect the Autonomic Nervous System which can result in other symptoms such as heat intolerance, excessive sweating and changes in bowel, bladder and digestive problems. In order to be properly diagnosed with neuropathy, a complete and full neurological examination and nerve test needs to be performed.There are so many different risk factors for neuropathy, but the most common ones include diabetes, traumatic events, nutritional deficiencies, alcoholism, autoimmune diseases, infections, tumors, certain medications, etc.

The leading Somerset Neuropathy expert in this treatment, Dr. Larry Wilkins of Wilkins Spinal Care will evaluate your particular condition and recommend a treatment course specific to your needs. He uses state-of-the-art equipment to stimulate nerve health and incorporates nutrition and exercise to positively change blood chemistry.



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