The Importance of Nutritional Supplements

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How healthy do you eat on a daily basis? Do you read the “Nutrition Facts” labels on the back of every product? Did you know that a lot of the foods we consume don’t have enough vitamins, minerals and nutrients to meet the body’s requirements? Whether you eat healthy or not, everyone should be taking some sort of supplements to meet body requirements. In this week’s blog, we will discuss the importance of nutritional supplements, how you know which one’s to take, how to buy the right products and what Wilkins Spinal Care has to offer.

What Are Nutritional Supplements?

First and foremost, nutritional supplements are not drugs. They do not carry the chemistry that we see in most medications today. Supplements are a form of vitamin, mineral, macronutrient herb or protein/amino acid that are from natural products or synthetic and are not chemical reactions like you see in prescriptions. Supplements are to help maintain the nutrient levels that we cannot always get from the foods that we eat. 

Why Do We Need Nutritional Supplements?

Each vitamin, mineral and macronutrient is essential for the human body and without them, we will begin to see complications occur. Why can’t we get all the nutrients we need just from the foods we eat. Well, a few factors play a role in that. One reason is that some of our nutritional requirements are so high in demand that we cannot consume that much without the stomach expanding beyond threshold. However, the biggest reason we can’t get all of our nutrients from the foods we eat is because many individuals like to boil, microwave, roast, pan fry and bake their foods, along with adding seasonings and dressings. The different varieties of cooking may taste good, but the nutritional value is killed and were not getting all the nutrients we think we are.

Even if we did not use these cooking methods to kill the nutrient value, we still need supplements. They fill in the gaps and gives the abundance of nutrients the body needs to prevent disease. When we became deficient in one or several nutrients, we begin to see a decline in health which is one of the importance of nutritional supplements. Most acute and chronic conditions are caused by prescribed medications that deplete out nutrient content making symptoms worse. A proper diet and supplemental aid will help bring nutrient value up and manage acute and chronic conditions.

How Do We Know Which Nutritional Supplements to Take?

When we say you should take nutritional supplements, we don’t mean every supplement. Just take the one’s you need. How do you know which ones to take? Most doctors will suggest a multivitamin or other supplement based on clinical history if they don’t prescribe any medication. Is that truly the best way to determine what nutrients you are lacking in? If you truly want to see what you are deficient in, the best thing to do is too get bloodwork performed. Bloodwork will show exactly what is wrong and show deficiencies and toxicity throughout the entire body. The best part about getting bloodwork is that underlying diseases that you may not have known about can be dealt with before it gets out of control. When bloodwork is evaluated, the different test performed will determine which nutrients will assist bringing levels back to normal.

Sometimes, our body is exposed to unnecessary chemicals, putting the body at toxic levels. Hair testing is also recommended in many circumstances to look for any unnecessary metals throughout the body. There are nutritional supplements along with proper diet that will cleanse the body and remove toxic metals

How Do You Know What Products to Buy?

There are thousands of nutritional supplement companies worldwide, but not all of them are the best choices. So how do you know which one’s are good and which one’s are not. The first thing to note is if it isn’t FDA approved, we highly recommend not using it. A lot of individuals will take the safe route and use companies that are popular such as “Standard Process”, “GNC”, and “DoTerra”. If there is a company that you have never heard of, there are two options. 1. Don’t use it. 2. Do research on the product and company. Find out what is in the product and if the nutrients are good. Look up google reviews of the product and company to see if it is legit.

What Wilkins Spinal Care Has to Offer:

As you know, Wilkins Spinal Care has integrated a nutritional system to the office called “Science Based Nutrition”. Science Based Nutrition has a recommended supplement list offering different vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and powders that help assist with different conditions such as inflammation, muscle spasms, sinus issues, cold flu symptoms, digestive support, arthritis, bone weakness, mental stability, heart support and more! To hear more about our supplements and what we have to offer, please feel free to call us at (724) 547-3377 or email us at

Take Home Message:

There is nothing wrong with a little support! Even the healthiest of people taking nutritional supplements because they know that they cannot get their daily nutritional value requirements just from the foods we eat. The human body is at such a high demand and supplements will help maintain levels, prevent disease and manage current conditions. If you have any questions or concerns about the importance of nutritional supplements, contact us today!